At Parachute Strategies, we love hearing from prospective clients: "So... I have an interesting problem..." This is the kind of opening remark that leads to a really juicy project—a marketing adventure, if you will, with plenty of plot twists and a really satisfying ending.


How do we take on these "interesting problems?" We start with the basics. The solution to every marketing challenge starts with pinning down (a process we relish) three, somewhat shifty marks:


  • Identification of the target market (who you're trying to reach)

  • Determination of the target market's ideal behavior (what you want them to do)

  • Assignment of a method by which to compell the target market to favorably adjust their behavior (how you get them to do what you want them to do)


Our goal is to provide creative, practical, and insightful marketing solutions that address these three factors for every client. The result is a body of custom-tailored work that meets the specific needs of a pretty impressive spectrum of clientele, if we may say so ourselves.