Founded in 2011 by Gwen Millius, Parachute Strategies provides strategic planning, marketing planning, and marketing implementation services to private businesses and nonprofit organizations throughout the Portland metropolitan area. Our client list includes professional service providers, government agencies, real estate developers, consumer product and software innovators, as well as local nonprofits and community development organizations.


As our company name implies, there is a touch of the fearless in our approach to new challenges. We are not afraid of the never-seen-before idea or the technically complex deliverable. We take pride in meeting our clients’ needs with innovation, expertise, and professional integrity. We work with our clients to meet their immediate needs while maintaining focus on building strong foundations for their continued success.

Parachute Strategies is COBID certified with the State of Oregon as a woman-owned and emerging small business (WBE / ESB #9083). 

calculated jumps make for soft landings
and when you land, we make sure you hit the ground running
our clients include
portland bureau of transportation
strategic plan
froelich engineers
strategic plan and marketing
biwa noraneko
strategic plan
holst architecture
strategic plan
recent design work
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