Parachute Strategies helps clients develop a clear, realistic vision for their future and build the solid, internal foundation they need to make this vision a reality. We then motivate them to turn the plan into reality by creating hands-on teams that tackle the tasks associated with achieving your future vision. 


At its heart, the strategic planning process answers three questions: 


Where are we today?

Parachute Strategies helps answer this question through extensive interviews with an organization’s leaders, staff, and, if applicable, board members. In many cases, we also interview clients, stakeholders, trusted advisers, and other people who know the organization well to get a more complete sense of its place in the market. Typically using a retreat, we establish a common understanding of our current position, including strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.


Where do we want to go?

After developing a clear picture of where the organization is today, we work with leadership and staff to develop a vision of where they want the organization to be in a three to five year timeframe. Questions this vision addresses could include:


  • Who will the organization serve?

  • How big will it be?

  • What will it feel like to work there?


After determining the vision, we work with leadership and staff to create no more than five objectives for the organization.


How will we get there?

Too many times, an organization or company will spend thousands of dollars and untold staff hours to create a strategic plan. A year or two later, leadership will be the first to admit that the plan hasn’t been the driver of day-to-day operations, and few of the objectives identified in the plan have been accomplished.


A hallmark of the strategic planning process at Parachute Strategies is our commitment to help you see your plans through. We do this by creating a team for each of the strategic plan’s objectives. Teams are typically composed of leaders, staff, board members, and sometimes stakeholders or advisers from the outside. Each team agrees upon a one-year goal toward the objective, and writes a 90-day action plan, stating who will do what by when to work toward the goal.  At the end of 90 days, teams come together to discuss progress, suggest changes to their goals, and present a new plan for the next 90 days. Through this work we create a “rolling strategic plan” that is flexible and responsive to an organization or company’s evolution.


If desired, we will track the progress of plan implementation and assist teams as they get accustomed to this system. Through our coaching, we develop leadership, accountability, and clarity of purpose for team members.


Engaging the individuals within an organization in this way offers many benefits, including:


  • An agreed upon set of prioritized, organization-wide objectives and a sense of common purpose

  • Better decision-making across the organization

  • Clear-cut responsibility and accountability

  • Ability to track and measure results

  • Improved esprit de corps

  • Ability for employees to be a part of something bigger than themselves

Blazing a path to organizational transformation


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