• Julia Sylla

Rolling Out The Green Carpet for Bikes

In 2016, Forbes Magazine named Portland the fourth most bike-friendly town in America. Wait, what?? Number 4?? We're not even on the podium! We have some keeping up with the Joneses to do around here.

Meanwhile, in 2016, Parachute Strategies proudly claimed it's first government gig: an open services graphic design contract with Portland's Bureau of Transportation. What do these two newsy tidbits have to do with one another? So glad you asked...

Bike Lane Renderings

If you're in town, you may have noticed a generous new set of bike lanes going in on SW Naito Parkway by Tom McCall Waterfront Park. We were instrumental in getting those bike lanes approved! As part one of our first projects with PBOT, we were tasked with adding bike lanes (and bikers and crosswalks) to photos of Naito Parkway and SE Hawthorne Boulevard in order to show City officials and decision makers how real-life additions would pan out.

Rendering up proposed bike lanes and traffic pattern changes to SE Hawthorne

If you're interested, here's a story the Oregonian ran about the project, featuring one of our renderings of the SE Hawthorne bike lanes that are still in the works.

NW Portland Alternative Commute Initiative

If you live or work in Northwest Portland, you most likely received some beautiful collateral material from PBOT, inviting you to participate in a survey to help city planners and traffic engineers ease the congestion in your neighborhood. Well, we sure hope you liked those materials (and participated in the survey) because we designed them.

Actually, we are so enthusiastic about alternative commuting that some of us volunteered to be featured in those collateral materials:

Portland Bureau of Transportation Alternative Commute Initiative Brochure

Not sure what you're supposed to be noticing? Here. This should help:

And we're not done yet. Stay posted because, in 2017, we're going to be helping to reform traffic's insidious bed-mate, parking.



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