Kartini Clinic for Children and Families

Scope of work: print collateral, e-newsletter graphics, PR

Kartini Clinic e-newsletter

For many years, Kartini Clinic has produced a (mostly) weekly newsletter featuring clinic events, updates and, notably, original content written by Kartini's founder and resident blogger, Dr. Julie O'Toole. In 2015, we were asked to update the look and feel of the newsletter and also to take on editorial and publication responsibilities. Since we've become involved, the newsletter has become a publication subscribers can count on seeing in their inbox every single week.

Invitation to grand opening

In 2015, Kartini Clinic for Children and Families, which provides cutting edge, evidenced-based treatment to children with eating disorders, moved from its longtime home on the campus of North Portland's Legacy Emanuel Medical Center to a newly built space on North Williams Avenue. The invitations we designed for their grand opening event hinted at the clinic's family-focused specialty and emphasis on healthy, home-cooked meals as a means to recovery.

Invitation to grand opening

Elements from the invitation's cover, namely "splats" of brightly-hued pasta sauce, reappear on the card's inner page, which also features event details and a photo of Kartini Clinic's new location.

Kartini Clinic move collateral

In anticipation of the clinic's move to North Williams Avenue, we produced a package of collateral including flyers, mailers and table tents to help clients and referring providers prepare for the change and to mitigate any potential disruption to service associated with the move.

Kartini Clinic move collateral

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