These are women's earplugs because..?

Why Making Something Pink Doesn’t Make It Perfect for Grown Women I stumbled across these earplugs at Walgreen’s. I’m a connoisseur of earplugs; I can’t sleep without them and keep a small stockpile around the house. I saw this package and thought, “these are ‘women’s earplugs’ because…they’re pink?” I took a closer look at the package. Maybe there was some other special feature I was missing? Maybe, for instance, they were sized just a tiny bit smaller for the potentially smaller female ear canal? Nope, on closer inspection, these earplugs looked just as over-large and scratchy as the earplugs that I suppose might be labeled ‘men’s earplugs’ that come in safety orange, tan, and blue. So yea

Rolling Out The Green Carpet for Bikes

In 2016, Forbes Magazine named Portland the fourth most bike-friendly town in America. Wait, what?? Number 4?? We're not even on the podium! We have some keeping up with the Joneses to do around here. Meanwhile, in 2016, Parachute Strategies proudly claimed it's first government gig: an open services graphic design contract with Portland's Bureau of Transportation. What do these two newsy tidbits have to do with one another? So glad you asked... Bike Lane Renderings If you're in town, you may have noticed a generous new set of bike lanes going in on SW Naito Parkway by Tom McCall Waterfront Park. We were instrumental in getting those bike lanes approved! As part one of our first projects wit

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