Gwen Millius, President


Gwen has been a practitioner of the persuasive arts for 15+ years and an entrepreneur since 2002. On behalf of her clients, she breaks big, complex problems down into little parts and then helps find solutions to the little parts. She forges new connections where none existed before. She constantly searches for the right word for the right place. She leads horses to water and convinces them drinking would be a great idea.


Gwen has been a two-time Portland City Club Member of the Year, was named one or Portland Business Journal's "40 under 40," and served as the chair of the Portland Design Commission from 2011 to 2015.  She has a Bachelor of Arts from Pomona College in Claremont, California. While she named her company Parachute Strategies for reasons she’s happy to explain, Gwen doesn’t understand why anyone would willingly jump out of a perfectly good airplane.


Julia Sylla,

Graphic Designer and Project Manager


Originally hailing from Wisconsin, Julia is a world traveler (31 countries and counting) with a background in fine arts and sociology.  She served two years as an Oregon AmeriCorps*VISTA member and VISTA Leader and has lent her graphic design, copy writing, and outreach skills to several area nonprofits over the last several years.


Julia cheerfully dons all hats that come her way at Parachute Strategies, taking on any manner of task from designing logos to running social media campaigns to flexing her acting muscles in promotional videos for our clients. When it comes to design, Julia aims for work that is clean, striking, timely, and always, always client driven. She has offered, on several occasions, to jump out of an airplane for Parachute Strategies...with the provision that all her gear and her chute must be branded to the hilt, of course.



Ross Jackson,

Production Artist and Copywriter


Ross grew up in the dissimilar locales of Southwest Florida and Southwest England, often with his face buried in a sketchbook. He has a Bachelor of the Arts in Creative Writing from Florida State University and a background in illustration and teaching. A published cartoonist and occasional publisher himself, Ross has a keen eye for detail and consistency. As a designer, Ross approaches his work with a narrative lens, framing projects as exciting puzzles to crack. His work is clean, audience-aware, and playful when appropriate.


Ross nearly went skydiving in the summer of 2018, but chickened out after overhearing a conversation in which two patrons were trying to figure out whether or not this establishment was “the one where those people died.” Maybe someday.




James Millius,

Digital Media Specialist and Copywriter


James was born and raised in Portland, but ventured East to Michigan to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Philosophy from Hillsdale College. As a student he was involved in theater and student government, and he completed an internship with the Oregon Nikkei Endowment in 2019. An amateur musician and actor in his spare time, James always has his audience in mind. He approaches every project intentionally, knowing when to stick to the script and when to use artistic liberty. The content he creates is engaging and thoughtful, and always connects his clients to their customers successfully.

James is glad to be back in Portland to join the team at Parachute, and is even more glad that his plane landed safelyno skydiving required.



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